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First ever massage – Awesome!
EB Edinburgh



I feel very light and energised,

ready to make some
important decisions and move on further in my life. 
Thank you for giving me this

amazing feeling!
AK. Artist, Edinburgh



Walking on air.. I feel wonderful after the massage – a different head space altogether and all my aches and pains evaporated.
Thank you, thank you.
SG. Dancer, Edinburgh



I was tired, stressed and my body was in pain.

An hour of Valeska massage saved me. 
I felt so great after: light, relaxed, supple, ready to enjoy life. Thanks! 
JFT Edinburgh/France



I love your massages – you’re so intuitive and get it right every time from full on Structural to fabulously gentle Replenish.
I always leave feeling great Loose, stretched, physically released and positively happy. 
You’re always a ray of sunshine it’s a joy to see you any time.
KS Therapist, Livingston



As soon as I met her I immediately felt comfortable and knew we would have a good session. But once she actually started the treatment, I realised that I was in for something extraordinary. Valeska is a wonderfully sensitive, smart and intuitive bodyworker, who has an individual style different to any bodywork I’d had before… Multiple points of contact and the complexity of movements create release, space and freedom for my body. The treatments are intense, but not painful and always leave me feeling revitalised, restored and ready to carry on dancing.
I would not hesitate to recommend Valeska to anyone!
SP. Dancer, choreographer, teacher. London



[Counsellor] informed me today that one of her clients told her that she felt her trauma which she had been carrying in her body has gone away after her massage sessions with you!
She can’t reveal who it is but hey!

Well done!
AM Edinburgh



Valeska’s passion for what she does shines through in her work and treatments. 
I go as often as I can, looking forward to the next one. Thanks. 
MD Edinburgh

After the massage I’m feeling physically and mentally energized, rejuvenated and with a stronger willpower to continue with my dancing and exercise routines.

NG. Dancer, Edinburgh



Fluid strong touch. Breathing through layers of skin. I feel open and ready, thank you.

RM. Dancer, Italy



Thank you so much.

I needed exactly that!
Expert, generous, kind, thoughtful, strong – perfect.
RJ. Dancer, England



Thanks for another amazing massage today Valeska. 
Feel so loose…..calm…..

everything I asked for.
TC. Therapist, Fife



I always feel very relaxed with Valeska and the way she works. Her method of massage is so smooth and calming. 
I have not had a specific injury treated by Valeska but I always enjoy her treatments for relaxation or loosening stiff shoulders. She is excellent at creating a calm environment and taking interest in you as a person.
I really like the whole body approach she has because often I am not aware of exactly what is going on in my body.
PT. Edinburgh



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