I work intuitively but incorporate the NO HANDS® Massage approach which offers deep, systemic release through an ergonomic, zero-strain approach to touch. This is achieved without the use of force, but mindfully with powerful yet sensitive pressure through the use of body weight.


A choice of treatments invite you to let go of excess tension and stress on all levels allowing you to absorb the changes you want and to feel relaxed and/or energised, balanced and whole, calm and clear. I work intuitively and so adapt my touch accordingly. Each treatment is bespoke.


You can enjoy your massage clothed (seated or lying) or with oil and skin on skin contact. 



Nurture: Envelops your tissues in flowing, soothing strokes – the ultimate in relaxation.

Replenish: Uses very gentle and slow massage strokes – perfect if you’re suffering from exhaustion and need time to replenish and recharge.

Connect: Uses deep and slow strokes to help you reconnect mind and body once again.

Structure: Uses powerful and deep strokes to loosen and free up your spine, neck and hips.

Sports and Deep tissue: massage on specific areas of the body.

Detox: Trigger your body’s own natural Detox ability by combining aspects of both the Colon and the Reflex treatments.

Reflex: Stimulates reflexes on your feet that are as ancient as touch itself – which can affect your whole body.

Colon: A uniquely gentle and naturopathic massage of your belly – allowing the muscles of this major elimination organ to regain health and balance, naturally.



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