Our busy lives and busy minds need our permission to rest.



Qualifying in holistic massage therapy in 1995 I have spent well over 10,000 hours in clinic to date, both privately (www.dancebase.co.uk) and for community health organisations

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Privately my clients are obtained through word of mouth and performance agencies. They include dancers/non-dancers and performers of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Frequently offering on-site treatment for performers and crew in theatres and festival venues locally and while on  tour, e.g Rosas dance company.


As a sessional therapist for community health organisations I help support clients with diverse issues: mental health, chronic illness and injury, living with cancer, as carers, substance misuse, isolation, trauma and abuse.


From my own background in track and field and, at various times, a practitioner in dance, Capoeira, yoga and Pilates I am aware of the holistic health benefits of movement and encourage clients to include regular mindful breath, stretching and movement in their lives and be responsible for their own health as much as possible. 


Feedback convinces me of the power of massage, especially by using the NO HANDS® massage approach, in bringing positive change and empowerment to those who seek it.


I aim to be as accessible as possible

to a wide variety of clients, 
charging on a sliding scale and sometimes accepting suitable

barter exchanges.


* Covid-19 restrictions currently mean I am not able to work from Dancebase or any community health venues so I am basing my practice from my own adapted premises and/or if the opportunity arises at events in outdoor spaces.





Massage invites us:


to just stop and take time out to enjoy some quality time in the present. 

Here we have an opportunity to remember how good therapeutic touch feels and to enjoy physical contact particularly for those of us living alone


to ease excess physical, emotional and mental tension and stress, aches, pains and strains. By increasing fluidity and ease of movement in our bodies we can reduce the likelihood of injury or trauma or

speed up recovery afterwards


to maintain good health, balance and a sense of connection with our whole self


to gain insight into the interconnection of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions and outlook


to value ourselves and increase feelings of hope, vision, purpose, confidence and creativity.














As well as offering Massage…

I feel a deep connection with Nature so spend as much time as I can just being in it as well as capturing moments through photography and journaling.


On my allotment I seek to create a space which is fluid, contemplative, inspiring and productive.
To me it is a retreat, an outdoor studio and an occasional gathering space – especially at harvest times!









ITEC 1995

(International Therapeutic Examination Council)


AOSM 2001

(Academy of On-Site Massage)


MISA 2005

(Massage In Schools Programme)


Counselling Skills 2007


Advanced NO HANDS® Massage 2009


One Year Mastery Level NO HANDS® Massage 2010


One year NO HANDS® Massage Assistant Trainer 2012


​Level 1 Iris Cancer Partnership: Massage for People Living with Cancer 2012


NO HANDS® Sports Massage 2013


NO HANDS® Deep Tissue Massage 2014

Introduction to Somatic Trauma Therapy 2019


Intro to Trauma Discharge Therapy 2020